Shashin.1799 demo
  • Shashin.1799 demo
  • Toshiyuki Kuwabara
  • 0222.2020
  • raw capture noise, game engine, human capture
  • variable, Depends on display form


This human capture is a quantitative recording of information in a certain space-time, with individual geometric shapes and textures switching between each frame, revealing movement and spatiality. The viewer can manipulate the light source and perspective through the operation of the interface, and the structure of the work allows the viewer to intervene unilaterally in the environment within the drawing, while the person is confronted with the captured space-time and space. This figure capture information is formed from raw data that contains a lot of noise.

SHASHIN.1799 demo interface

ノイズ -noiseとは、処理される対象となる情報以外の不要とされるような情報のことである。しかし対象に付随してノイズがあるということは、そこにメディアが媒介し、存在していたこと自体を支持する。その意味でノイズは不要な情報というよりも、むしろ真を写す構造に関するルールの表れと考えることができる。

Noise – is information that is considered unnecessary other than the information that is to be processed. However, the presence of noise attached to the object supports the fact that the medium was mediated and present there. In this sense, noise can be thought of as an expression of rules about the structure of copying truth, rather than as unnecessary information. The noise generated in the structure that copies reality can create a sense of atmosphere and encourage a sense of reality, even though it does not exist in reality. This trial project is an attempt to create a fundamental “captured image” through the gradation of the noise that appears on the skin of the digital image, the plurality and indirectness of the medium, and the complexity of these elements. —