Membraning / 皮膜
  • Membraning / 皮膜
  • Toshiyuki Kuwabara
  • 0222.2020
  • Calotype(1850s~1880s), LED, microcomputer
  • 800*500*1400


This work consists of a system of facing point light sources and an ambrotype (1850s-80s) base plate at the center of the system. The structure of the opposing point light source alternates the intensity of the light and extracts an intermediate texture between the ambrotype image and the material.


In the ambrotype, the image is exposed to light on a colorless/transparent support. Compared to the daguerreotype, in which the image is fixed to a silver plate, it gives the impression of a thin film of light-sensitive agent barely covering the glass. In this exhibition, the part that was not illuminated is the glassy substrate itself, while the material and texture of the glass is accentuated when illuminated from behind, covering the coated iconography on the surface.


By changing the balance of the light intensity of the point light sources placed in front of and behind the ambrotype, there is a moment when the image in the thin skin and the texture of the structure in which the image is anchored become equivalent. The ambrotype becomes the very Membrane of the imaginary and the real, and this intermediacy is an element that is inseparable from the formation of all images.