• Toshiyuki Kuwabara
  • 0222.2020
  • installation
  • Japanese house

本展「GREY ROOM」は、光量をおさえた日本家屋の空間を舞台に、映像・メディア作品、身体表現、インスタレーション、あるいは過去の映像技術や投影装置、光源の再解釈によって、日常とは異なったイメージと知覚の可能性を探求する試みです。「陰影礼讃」と「虚実皮膜論」を手がかりに、日本家屋を陰翳の階調を生み出すテクノロジーの集積ととらえ、光と影が不透明に混ざりあう境界、虚実の皮膜にあらわれては消える知覚経験の揺らぎを対象化します。

“GREY ROOM” is a project developed in a dimly-lit Japanese house that explores the possibility of constructing alternative images and perceptions through media art, performance and installations, and reinterpretations of past screen technologies, projection devices, and light sources. Using the texts “In Praise of Shadows” (by Junichiro Tanizaki) and “The Slender Margin between the Real and Unreal” (by Monzaemon Chikamatsu) as inspiration, the project reinterprets a Japanese house as an accumulation of devices and technologies producing various tones of shadow and focuses on the fluctuation of perception that flickers on the film between the real and unreal and on which light and shadow opaquely blend.

近年の急激なメディア技術の変化は、それまでの事実性や現実感をゆるがし、情動や知覚の変容をもたらしたと論じられてきました。本展では明瞭な光の空間(ホワイトキューブ)でも、明確な像を描くための装置(カメラオブスキュラ)でもなく、不透明な陰翳にみちた空間から、私たちの身体感覚と知覚経験、虚と実、光と影、そしてアートと テクノロジーの階調を再考します。

It is often said that the recent drastic and accelerated development of media technology has shaken our former notions of fact and realty and twisted our basic modes of affect and perception. In order to focus on this situation, this project reconsiders the various tones between our emotions and perception, the real and unreal, light and shadow, and art and technology via a dimly-lit, opaque space filled with shadows and without clear lighting (white cubes) or devices that produce defined images (camera obscura).

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